Five Reasons To Have More Plants In Your Home

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Plants have been used inside the home both for practical and decorative purposes for centuries, but many home owners now don't think to include so many pots in their design concepts. If you'd like to change things up a bit and add something more to your interior style, why not consider a few more house plants? It's a cheap way to make a big difference, and you might be surprised by just how much of a difference it can make.

6 January 2017

Bust The Rust | 3 Tricks To Make Ghastly Rust Miraculously Disappear From Your Metal Blinds

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Some people like the appearance of metal over their window frames, but the development of rust can be incredibly irritating. Steel or iron blinds are particularly vulnerable to rust when exposed to elements. Even though aluminium is more resistant to rust, the material can end up showing signs of corrosion in a humid environment. This guide furnishes you with tricks to make ghastly rust miraculously disappear from your metal blinds.

27 October 2016

Protective Coverings | 3 Shrewd Plots To Outfit Exterior Windows With Weather-Tolerant Blinds

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Awnings and external blinds are popular protective coverings for your outside windows because they punctuate your home with solitude and alluring enhancement. Bad decisions could leave you with faded and damaged window treatments because outdoor spaces are prone to weather extremities. Follow these shrewd plots to outfit exterior windows with weather-tolerating blinds. Your Material Choice Must Endure Outdoor Characteristics Of Your Local Region The material or fabric you choose for external blinds plays a crucial role in how they survive on your exterior windows.

28 September 2016

Four Completely Natural, Totally Chemical-Free Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn

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Maintaining a healthy lawn doesn't have to involve lots of chemicals or fertilisers. Want to have a happy, healthy lawn using the most natural techniques possible? Then, check out these types: 1. Choose a type of grass suited to your climate and soil type. There's not just a single type of lawn grass. Rather, there are multiple varieties, and the types that grow the best in your area may be different than the types that grow the best in other areas.

29 August 2016

Soiled Carpets? 4 Tricks To Remove Mud-Covered Paw Prints From Your Carpets

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If you have pets in your home, then you know that you need to make a little extra effort to keep it clean. When your pets play in your backyard and come home, they inevitably end up walking over your carpeted areas with their muddy paws, leaving unsightly prints on them. Follow these carpet cleaning tricks to remove mud-covered paw prints from your carpets. Let The Mud Prints Dry Before Taking Action

25 August 2016

Five Points to Consider If Thinking About Adding Radiant Floor Heating to Your Tiny Home

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Radiant heat can be an interesting way to heat a tiny home floor, but you have to choose the system carefully. Here's what you need to consider about choosing, installing and optimising radiant floor heating from your tiny home: 1. Radiant heat flooring can be tied to your hot water system. Typically, heated floors consist of tubes running through the floor with hot water piping through them, warming up the floor.

29 July 2016

Tips For Mowing a Lawn Over a Slope

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If you have a slope or hill in your backyard, you might find it a little more difficult to mow. However, it is still possible to get the grass over a slope mowed to the length you prefer. Here are some tips for getting this done. Wait Until the Grass is Dry One very important thing you need to remember when mowing over a slope is that you shouldn't mow while the grass is wet.

22 June 2016

Great Ideas For Creating Some Privacy In Your Patio

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A little privacy goes a long way, and some privacy for your patio will indeed serve you well. A private and enclosed patio will allow you to have a great, uninterrupted rest, and you can also hold private meetings whenever you need to. Below is an outline of great ways to create some privacy for your patio. Patio Privacy Plants Hanging plants are a great choice for creating privacy and come in handy, especially in small patios.

12 May 2016

How to Save Money on AC Usage in the Home

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Australian summers can be unbearably hot and humid. In the summer months, air conditioning is not a choice but a necessity so that you can feel comfortable, and so you can prevent yourself from becoming fatigued or even suffering from heat exhaustion. However essential air conditioning in the home might be, it still represents a huge portion of any energy bill. But fortunately, if you wish to reduce the cost of pumping cool air throughout your home, there are some actions you can take.

26 May 2015

How to Make Pleated Roman Blinds

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Pleated Roman blinds are a stylish and practical addition to any home, and are especially useful for small windows in kitchens, bathrooms and home offices. What's more, they're easy to make. What you'll need: Fabric:  Measure up the window to be covered by the blind. If you are going to install it inside a recess, your blind must be 1cm narrower than the recess so that the blind doesn't catch as you lower and raise it.

7 May 2015