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Five Reasons To Have More Plants In Your Home

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Plants have been used inside the home both for practical and decorative purposes for centuries, but many home owners now don't think to include so many pots in their design concepts. If you'd like to change things up a bit and add something more to your interior style, why not consider a few more house plants? It's a cheap way to make a big difference, and you might be surprised by just how much of a difference it can make.

  1. Keeping plants indoors is good for your health. Plenty of studies have shown that keeping plants inside your home offers a few fantastic health benefits. As we all know leaves release extra oxygen into the air, meaning that the air in your home is cleaner and you can breathe more easily--which is thought to lead to improved concentration and better all-round health. Given how easy it is to buy a few ornamental trees and how gorgeous they look once they're in place, why wouldn't you take advantage of this?

  2. It's rewarding to watch something you've cared for thrive. Even if you're not keen on the idea of children and you don't fancy looking after a pet, caring for a house plant can be a nice way to watch something in your care grow and develop. It might sound ridiculous, but it's actually extremely rewarding the first time you see it flower or notice a bit of a growth spurt!

  3. Many house plants are highly decorative. Interior design often makes use of house plants. There are so many varieties that there's something for everyone: a well-established spider plant can add to a clean minimalist look, while an abundance of birds of paradise are a beautiful addition to a colourful space. No matter what your style, there's a plant that can make it work even better.

  4. Some indoor plants have fantastic practical uses. The plants you keep in your home don't need to be purely decorative. By keeping pots of herbs in your kitchen you can improve your cooking; there's nothing quite like truly fresh basil to enhance the flavours of an Italian dish. Aloe vera is an incredibly useful succulent, and by keeping it to hand you'll always have access to a gel that can soothe all minor cuts and burns.

Keeping house plants is easy and affordable--but it can convey so many benefits that there's really no point missing out. Why not pop down to your local plant wholesaler like Din San Nursery this weekend and see what takes your fancy?


6 January 2017