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Don't Pick Your New Blinds Until You've Discovered the Joys of Honeycomb Blinds

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If you're looking for new blinds, why not consider honeycomb blinds? After all, not many people know just how fantastic these blinds can be. When you open them up, you'll notice that there are air channels running through them, which is why they are referred to as honeycomb, although you may also see them called 'cellular blinds'.

So what are the advantages of going with honeycomb?

Honeycomb Blinds Supply Added Insulation

Those air channels help trap hot and cold air that either comes in through your window or tries to escape through it. In many ways, it's the same principle that makes double-glazing so effective. If you live somewhere hot, you won't need to worry as much about rooms becoming stuffy and sweltering in the summer; at the same time, you'll find that less hot air escapes during the winter. That's great for your comfort, and the additional layer of insulation will also help keep down your energy bills.

Honeycomb Blinds Deliver Superior Light Control

One of the main reasons to fit blinds is being able to block out light from entering the room. Since honeycomb blinds place more material between the window and the rest of the room, they are excellent at performing this task, and you should be able to find thicker and darker options that can achieve complete darkness. This makes them ideal for children's bedrooms or TV rooms, where you'll naturally want to block out daylight.

Honeycomb Blinds Offer Cordless Construction

Beyond air channels, one of the oddest things about honeycomb blinds is that they don't require a cord in order to be lowered to pulled. Instead, you can simply lift them up or down by hand. This is great when you have children or pets, but it also helps create a more stylish set of windows when cords aren't dangling, especially if you have several blinds covering a larger section of windows.

Honeycomb Blinds Provide Versatile Coverage

Unlike other types of blinds, honeycomb blinds can be moved up and down the window at will. Instead of having to pull them down from the top, you can roll the blinds down just part of the window. If you feel like some privacy, you can cover the bottom of the window but leave the top section uncovered; people won't be able to see in, but light will be able to stream in from above. This degree of versatility allows you to fit the blinds around your changing needs and wants.


8 May 2017