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Great Ideas For Creating Some Privacy In Your Patio

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A little privacy goes a long way, and some privacy for your patio will indeed serve you well. A private and enclosed patio will allow you to have a great, uninterrupted rest, and you can also hold private meetings whenever you need to. Below is an outline of great ways to create some privacy for your patio.

Patio Privacy Plants

Hanging plants are a great choice for creating privacy and come in handy, especially in small patios. A great way to achieve your wall of plants from hanging plants is first to fix bars running horizontally from one end of your patio to the other. The bars should be at the upper end of each side of the patio. After that, hang or place flower pots along the bars with hanging plants planted inside. The vine is a good choice of hanging plants.

The hanging plants in your pot will grow and drop downward, creating a beautiful green cover for your patio. If you want the plants to conceal your patio completely, then have as many pots as would fit on the bar and also hang or place the plant pots close to each other.

Patio Screens

You can choose to have temporary or permanent patio screens depending on your preferences. Some temporary screen can be bought ready to use whereas, for most permanent screens, it's best to call in a specialist to fix them for you.

If you want a screen with a see-me-through design and one that creates a good barrier from the outside as well, lattice and bamboo screens are great options. Also, lattice and bamboo make a great choice for movable screens. A portable screen can be moved and repositioned, and you can also remove it and pack it for some time whenever you want to. 

Patio Curtains

Curtains are a great accessory for the patio because they serve as privacy screens and also add to the aesthetic appeal of the patio. The best patio curtains are long and run from the top or roofing of the patio to the flooring. Also, make sure that the curtains draw toward the poles so that you can easily tie and restrain them.

Bathroom curtains are a great option of outdoor patio curtains because they hardly get damaged. They also come in different fabrics, so you will have a wide variety to choose from. Also, bathroom curtains are waterproof and mold resistant and will serve you well in the wet seasons.

You can always create an extra private area in your home by enclosing your patio. The right privacy idea will certainly help you get some great results.


12 May 2016