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Bust The Rust | 3 Tricks To Make Ghastly Rust Miraculously Disappear From Your Metal Blinds

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Some people like the appearance of metal over their window frames, but the development of rust can be incredibly irritating. Steel or iron blinds are particularly vulnerable to rust when exposed to elements. Even though aluminium is more resistant to rust, the material can end up showing signs of corrosion in a humid environment. This guide furnishes you with tricks to make ghastly rust miraculously disappear from your metal blinds.

Kick Start The Process Of Killing Rust With White Vinegar

Simple white vinegar that you use for cooking doubles up as an effective agent to fight the onset of rust. That's because vinegar is created from acetic acid, which is a good element to fight stains, rust and dirt thanks to its dissolving properties. If possible remove the metal slats from the blind holders and soak in a bucket filled with similar parts of vinegar and water overnight. This should give rust enough time to lift off the surface of your metal blinds. Remove each slat from the bucket and wipe with a lint-free cloth. You'll notice that the rust has considerably loosened to a point where most of it can easily be wiped off with the cloth.

Sprinkle Baking Soda Over The Slats

Lay your metal blinds flat on the ground or on any even surface (a table) and sprinkle baking soda over it. You may want to place some newspaper or old blankets below to prevent the baking soda from spilling over and dirtying other parts of your home. You can even mix baking soda with water to create a paste, which acts as an effective anti-oxidant to remove the rust remaining on the metal slats. Once you've spread the paste on rusted spots, scrub it gently using a soft-bristled brush. This should remove all the rust. If not, repeat this step for better results.

Treat With Rust Guard

Some types of metal tend to be vulnerable to rust, particularly in humid climates –– a common issue in Australia. The best way to block the re-appearance of rust is to treat the slats with rust guard from any home retail store. Rust guard is a type of protective coating, which is used to seal metal surfaces. This coating prevents premature rust and corrosion from appearing on the slats. Fast-drying coatings are available, so you can complete the process quickly and restore your blinds over your window frames once again.

Rust generally appears in areas prone to moisture. If possible, try to keep the room as dry as possible. Otherwise, these tricks are always useful to help you kill rust quickly and efficiently.


27 October 2016