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Tips For Mowing a Lawn Over a Slope

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If you have a slope or hill in your backyard, you might find it a little more difficult to mow. However, it is still possible to get the grass over a slope mowed to the length you prefer. Here are some tips for getting this done.

Wait Until the Grass is Dry

One very important thing you need to remember when mowing over a slope is that you shouldn't mow while the grass is wet. When you try to mow grass that is wet, the grass starts to clump and makes it a lot more difficult to maneuver over. This combined with how slippery the mower gets when mowing wet grass puts you at risk when trying to mow over a slope. This puts you at risk, not to mention the potential damage you could do to your mower from slipping while mowing. It is best to wait until the middle of the day when the grass has dried.

Use the Right Lawn Mower

Make sure you use the right lawn mower when mowing over a slope. For safety purposes, you should avoid using a ride-on mower, even though they are convenient and can be a lot of fun. Save your ride-on mower for large, flat ground. You also shouldn't use a traditional grass and leaf mower, since these don't have the power needed to make it over a slope. A better option is a self-propelled push mower. This offers more strength and stability, helping you get over the slope with enough power. It is also good for avoiding losing control over the lawn mower.

Mow Slowly and Smartly

When you are mowing over a slope or hill, you need to keep your own personal safety in mind. If you are heading over a steep slope, don't try to rush it. You should go as slow as possible, otherwise you risk falling or losing control of the mower. Look around the slope for a potential escape route just in case the brakes of the mower stop working when working on a slope. Also keep the brakes of the lawn mower well maintained when you do this type of mowing.

Go Up and Down the Slope

You might go across your flat lawn, but when you get to a slope, you need to go up and down the slope only. If you try to move across the slope, you may lose control of your mower. They don't work well using this method, so start at the bottom, mow in a straight line headed up the slope, then mow back down the slope. Also keep a close eye on holes, rocks, or other obstacles in your path.

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22 June 2016