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Soiled Carpets? 4 Tricks To Remove Mud-Covered Paw Prints From Your Carpets

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If you have pets in your home, then you know that you need to make a little extra effort to keep it clean. When your pets play in your backyard and come home, they inevitably end up walking over your carpeted areas with their muddy paws, leaving unsightly prints on them. Follow these carpet cleaning tricks to remove mud-covered paw prints from your carpets.

Let The Mud Prints Dry Before Taking Action

Contrary to what you've been told about taking immediate action when it comes to other stains, mud-covered paw prints are easier to clean later. Oddly enough, your best option is to wait. Once the soil or mud has dried, it becomes easier to clean out without spreading wet mud along more areas of the carpet. When letting the mud dry, keep everyone out of the carpeted area, so that they don't end up dragging it to other parts of your home.

Vacuum The Loose Mud Carefully

Once the mud-covered paw prints dry completely, you need to use the suction pipe of your vacuum to lift the loose mud from the carpet surface. Vacuum the prints carefully to ensure you remove as much loose mud as possible. Avoid using the brush attachment over the suction pipe because this will end up pushing the mud further into the fibres of your carpet, making it much harder to clean later. This carpet cleaning action should take care of most of the mud prints.

Prepare A Vinegar And Water Cleaning Solution In A Spray Bottle

Prepare a cleaning solution of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle in uniform quantities. White vinegar is made up of acetic acid. This acid enables it to lift off all types of stains easily from surfaces. Spray this solution over the carpet and let it sit for several minutes. Make sure the soiled areas are properly saturated to make your cleaning job easier.

Dab With Lint-Free Cloth

After waiting several minutes, dab the soiled areas with lint-free cloths. Do not rub because you risk scattering the mud paw stain. The cloth absorbs the moisture and lifts up any remaining mud from the carpet surface –– leaving the area free from mud residue. Once done, spray with plain water to remove the smell of vinegar from the carpet. Let the carpet dry for several hours before using this area once again. Make sure you prevent your pets from getting into the room during this carpet cleaning process.

Follow these smart tricks in your carpet cleaning quest to remove mud-covered paw print stains. For more information, contact a business such as Stain Busters Carpet Cleaning.


25 August 2016