3 Issues You Should Watch Out For When Checking Fire Extinguishers


Some owners of commercial kitchens may not know what they can do to be certain that their fire extinguishers will work when the need arises. This article discusses three factors that you should have in mind if you want to confirm that your fire extinguishers are in an operable condition. Functional Seals Most fire extinguishers have seals on their necks. Those seals help to keep the compressed air inside the extinguisher from escaping into the atmosphere.

9 May 2017

What You Need to Consider When in the Market for Teak Outdoor Furniture


Teak is very durable and very strong, which is why it's a favorite choice for outdoor furniture. It can withstand the elements without getting soft and chipping or cracking and needs very little maintenance. However, before you buy any teak furniture, you might note a few simple but important considerations. This will ensure you're happy with your purchase for years to come. Teak does weather and change color If you've ever noticed a big difference in the color of teak furniture pieces, it may not be that the pieces were painted, stained, or otherwise treated.

5 July 2016

Ducted Vacuums: Why Choose Them Over Traditional Vacuums?


Ducted vacuum systems are continually gaining entry to more homes all across the globe. They are being embraced now more than ever and that probably makes you wonder why they are attracting so much attention. A ducted vacuum system is integrated into the walls and the units are placed strategically throughout the house. All you do is plug your vacuum hose to the inlet valves that activate the vacuuming action and clean away.

13 March 2015