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Ducted Vacuums: Why Choose Them Over Traditional Vacuums?


Ducted vacuum systems are continually gaining entry to more homes all across the globe. They are being embraced now more than ever and that probably makes you wonder why they are attracting so much attention. A ducted vacuum system is integrated into the walls and the units are placed strategically throughout the house. All you do is plug your vacuum hose to the inlet valves that activate the vacuuming action and clean away.

If you are thinking of buying a vacuuming system for your home, here are some reasons why a ducted system would be best for your home.

Greater cleaning power

Ducted vacuum cleaners are usually built with powerful motors and have a much larger air flow as compared to traditional cleaners. They grab every bit of dirt from your floor including microscopic pollens and dust mites even when they are deeply engraved in the carpet. With traditional vacuum cleaners, some of the dirt picked up is then recirculated back into the air as you carry it around all over the house. 

This doesn't happen with ducted vacuums. All the particles and dirt are deposited in the canisters because you are going to use different inlet valves in different rooms.


Their 100% dirt removal quality makes them a healthy option particularly in a household where one of the members is asthmatic or has an allergy. Additionally, cleaner air means a better smelling home.

Silent operation

The main power unit of the ducted system is what generates the noise. But luckily, it's usually located quite a distance away, perhaps in the garage or under the house. The other parts that are located inside the house have a silent operation and you'll be able to vacuum the room of a sleeping child without worry. That's not what you get with a traditional cleaner.


This is the best part of using these systems, convenience. Sweet, beloved convenience. Traditional systems require you to carry them all around the house as you clean your house. They are heavy and they need to be electrically powered so power chords are going to be criss-crossing your cleaning area. Well, that's a problem is history. Ducted vacuuming systems only need you to move around with the vacuum hose, which is pretty light. The rest of the unit is built into the walls for your convenience.

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13 March 2015