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Innovative Ideas for New Kitchens

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New kitchens in today's homes are nothing like kitchens of old; they are bigger in order to accommodate the whole family, and feature affordable materials for surfaces as well as personalised touches that make the space unique. If you're considering a remodel for your kitchen, note a few innovative ideas that you may want to discuss with your contractor or investigate yourself if you're doing the work on your own.

1. Poured concrete for countertops

It may not sound very glamorous to have cement on your countertops in your kitchen, but this material is very popular today because it's so versatile. Concrete can be painted or stained so that it looks like marble or granite, or it can be buffed to look like very expensive glass. The material can also easily be shaped and formed, so you can create a curve around your countertops for a unique look.

Concrete is also much more affordable than these high-end materials and very easy to recycle. This makes it a good choice for those on a tight budget, who want an expensive look to their kitchen, and for those who are concerned for how their kitchen materials will be reused if they remodel again.

2. Appliance garages

If you love to use a number of small appliances in your kitchen but find that your countertops are cluttered with the coffeemaker, blender, juicer, food processor, and so on, an appliance garage can be a perfect solution. This is a tall cabinet that is built with shelves inside and a door on the front that slides up and down. The small appliances can be stored inside and hidden away when not in use. Your countertop space is open and the appliances are hidden but very conveniently located.

3. A faucet over the stove

Filling a pan with water and then taking it to the stove can be difficult, and if you use boiling water for your cooking every day, it can downright irritating. Today's kitchens are often built with a plumbing line run from the sink to the stovetop, with a faucet right over the stove. You can put the empty pan on the stove and fill it right there, with no carrying of the water from one end of the kitchen to another. This can also allow you to rinse off food items immediately after they're done cooking without taking them to the sink, as you often need to do with pasta, boiled eggs, and so on.

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13 April 2015