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How The Openness Factor Could Affect Your Choice Of Roller Blind

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If you just closed a deal on a beautiful new home with stunning views out over the Sydney Opera House, you need to cherish that aspect. Yet the sun can also shine very brightly through those windows, causing a lot of glare inside. What should you do? Solar shades are the answer and specifically a light filtering roller shade.

The sheer weave of a solar shade is designed specifically for situations like this. They are composed of one layer of sheer weave fabric, integrated into the conventional roller bar and corded loop system. They are raised and lowered in the normal way, but they're not meant to be either in an "on" or "off" position. Rather, due to the way they're constructed they are designed to minimise direct, harsh light while enabling you to enjoy the great view.

How Does This Work?

These shades are created in a variety of different densities using an approach known as the "openness" factor. This means that each shade will have a particular level of shading according to how dense the fabric is. The shades that have more thread will have a reduced openness value, giving more shade. Manufacturers make these shades with varying levels of openness to accommodate your needs. Therefore, when you order roller shades with larger openness values and lighter weaves, you will be able to enjoy more of that stunning view while getting protection from the direct sunlight.

Analyse Your Situation

You have to do some analysis here first. Judge the amount of direct sunlight you get at the peak of the day through that particular window. This will help you to determine the openness value for the product you need to order. Remember that you can also vary the result by choosing a specific colour scheme. Lighter colours on the interior side will permit more light to reflect into the room.


One important point to remember is that these shades are specifically designed for this purpose and are not very efficient when it comes to maintaining privacy. While they're very good at letting light in and allowing you to see outside, they will also let more light out at night. This means that others will be able to see into your home. In this case you may want to combine this product with some additional drapes.

If you need help choosing your openness factor, contact a company like SPECIALIST CURTAIN TRACKS & ACCESSORIES. Some research and planning here will help you to enjoy the best of both worlds.


27 February 2015