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4 Tips for Increasing the Security of Your Home's Garage

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Your home's garage can be a very vulnerable point on your property. This is because an attached garage gives a thief or intruder cover from the prying eyes of neighbors, and a thief can also easily slip into your garage, steal your posessions, and be gone before you even know someone is on your property. To increase the security of your home's electric garage door, note a few important tips.

1. Change the signal of your opener on a regular basis.

If you have an electric garage door, the opener will work on a signal that communicates with the chain mechanism. This signal can be easily hijacked by anyone with a receiver and in turn, they can program another garage door opener to work on your garage. Most remotes allow you to change the signal on a regular basis, or rotate it. Do this once a month or so and you'll keep your door more secure.

2. Install deadbolt locks on the inside of your garage door.

If you look at the handle and lock of your garage door, you may notice that it's probably made of thick plastic. This is very easy for someone to break with a hammer or rubber mallet, and they can then easily open the garage door. To avoid this, install a deadbolt lock inside the door. A thick, heavy-duty lock will keep your garage door closed and locked even if the handle is broken.

3. Ensure your home alarm covers the garage.

Some home alarm systems don't cover the garage but instead, extend only to the interior door of the garage leading to your house. Have your alarm company extend this coverage, or for a detached garage, install a secondary alarm system. This will alert you if the garage door is opened or a window is broken by an intruder.

4. Cover or block the windows.

Most thieves or intruders want to easily see an area of your home before they decide to break in. This will tell them if you own anything of value worth stealing, and also allows them to see if they can easily get inside without obstruction.

To avoid this with your garage, be sure you cover or block the windows. You could screw chicken wire inside the windows to obscure the view, or you might put a frosted film on the inside of the windows. This allows the sunlight in if you work in your garage while still keeping the view obscured from potential intruders.


19 February 2015