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Hello, my name is Iggy and I live in Perth, Australia. Last month, I was out in my garden enjoying the sunshine when I noticed that there was something strange on my roof. I climbed up onto the roof of my home and discovered some damage. While I was up on the roof, I took a long look down at my garden. Seeing it from such a strange angle made me realise how overgrown it looked. The next day I called in some contractors to fix the problems. While they worked, they taught me plenty of cool tips and tricks.

Preparing Your Garden For A Move

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Although most people, when moving house, plan and account for all of their stuff in the house, it can sometimes be easy to forget about doing the same with the garden equipment. Not allowing enough time for the safe packing away of some garden equipment can cause leakages as well as broken or missing items. This article looks at effective ways to pack away some garden equipment and may be useful to incorporate some of this information into an overall plan when moving house.

Fuelled Tools

Fuelled power tools, over time, can represent a substantial investment for a homeowner. It is important to get the most of out them, and when moving house there are a couple of things to remember to ensure you don't damage them. Always drain the fuel and other fluids out of tools such as lawn mowers, chainsaws and petroleum-powered pressure washers before moving. Forgetting to do this can cause leaks and damage. In some cases, such as for hand-held power tools, you can use a container to transport them in the truck.

Hand Tools

Tools which are worked by hand should also be prepared for moving day. You can do this by bunching a group of tools together and using duct tape (or something similar) to wind a couple of times around the handles of the tools. This prevents any tools falling during transportation and potentially damaging other equipment.


Many people have sculptures and ornamental decorations in their gardens. To protect these types of items during transportation, you should have some empty cardboard boxes and a supply of packing material, such as Styrofoam. You can also use shredded paper for homemade packing material. Take the ornament and use a box that is around one third taller in size. Place the item in the box and cover it almost fully with the packing material. This offers great protection.


Many people do actually take their garden shed with them when they move house. In the majority of cases, an individual will use a truck and move the shed – in one piece – to the new location. It is much more efficient than disassembling and rebuilding the shed. To do this, you will need to completely empty the shed of all equipment and hire both a truck and a crane to lift the shed into the truck. You should then reverse the process at the new location.

Remember, if you are disassembling garden chairs or tables, keep all the screws together in one container, so you can easily assemble them at the new location.

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27 January 2015