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Tips And Techniques To Help Avoid Injury While Moving Heavy Objects

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Moving house is an experience that many people go through. While some people choose to hire a removal company to help with the relocation (such as Forster-Tuncurry Removals & Storage Pty Ltd), others feel that they can do the moving themselves. This is fine, as long as you allow enough time for journeying back and forth, and factor in fuel costs. People who move their own furniture can face the prospect of lifting heavy items that could potentially cause an injury. This article examines some tips and techniques to employ to avoid injury in this situation.

Weight Distribution

This has two aspects to it; the proper weight distribution of an item's weight, and the correct weight positioning of your body. When lifting items such as wardrobes or dressing tables, you and a helper will find it much easier to maneuver the item through doorways and up and downs flights of stairs if the weight of the item is centered between two people. When lifting these items initially, make sure the weight is taken by your legs; never use you back to lift heavy items, this can cause pain and damage to your lower back. Keep your legs apart, evenly distribute the weight of your body between both legs, and use your legs to raise items up.

Check Before Removing

In some situations, you may be required to remove longer items, for example, beams of wood, from your vehicle. When removing them, always make sure the beams are not obstructed, or weighed down by other items. Many people have injured themselves trying to lift one end of a long item where the other end is stuck and hidden under a much heavier item. Take the time to visually inspect and assess items before you try to move them.

Use Support

It is a good idea to invest in some devices that can help to take the majority of the weight of a heavy item. Moving straps, also known as dolly straps, are worn around the shoulders and chest area of a person moving a heavy object. The object can be strapped securely to the device, and becomes much easier to move. Stairs and other obstacles can be passed with ease. The other support option is to use a lifting belt. The belts are strapped around the waist area of a person; the lower back is also supported. As a person lifts, the belt holds the lower back in place, lessening the chance of an injury.

Take the time to make a thorough moving plan, and assess the requirement of heavy items both from the property you are moving from, and the property you are moving to.


19 January 2015