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4 Common Triggers For Leaking Roofs In Homes

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Leaking roofs are common to many Australian households. Natural elements like poor weather conditions and heavy winds can easily cause roof leakages, while man-made faults can also ultimately result in roof leaks. When this happens, it becomes necessary to undertake roof repairs to ensure that a small leak does not cause irreparable damage to the structural integrity of the entire home. Here are 4 common triggers for leaking roofs in homes.    

Faulty Skylights

Most homeowners must keep in mind that when skylights are installed, the natural waterproofing characteristic of roofs is compromised. Poor skylight selections or faulty installations can easily cause leaks in the roof. Over time, even blockages caused by leaves can create skylight leaks. Skylights usually do not last as long as a roof's lifetime – so their rusting surfaces can also cause leaks. Despite their innate beauty, roof repairs usually are a regular occurrence when you've installed skylights in your home.

Broken Tiles

Broken roof tiles usually don't break on their own – most often, falling branches and drooping trees cause them to break. Children playing and throwing things upwards can also cause fragile roof tiles to break. Roof repairs must then be undertaken to prevent permanent damage from broken tile leaks.  

Flawed Roof Flashings

Roof edges need flashings for waterproofing. For roof flashing, small impermeable material pieces are installed on the roof to prevent water from passing into the home's structure through any joints. Roof flashing installations can get complicated, so it requires experienced roofing professionals for a thorough job. When new roofs leak, it is probably a sign of faulty roof flashing. Roof repairs need to be undertaken immediately to prevent further damage to the home's structure from faulty roof flashing.

Worn Out Chimneys

Since chimneys are open at the top, they need proper waterproofing to withstand natural elements. The flashing around the chimneys usually deteriorates in time, giving rise to roof leaks. Broken chimney pots will also cause leaks. Roof repairs are necessary to seal the flashing around chimneys from time to time.  If you are diligent with the repair work to prevent leakages, you can expect your chimney and roof to last for a long time without causing damage to your home.  

When your roof faces any of these problems, it's time to get roof repairs undertaken soon – otherwise you're risking more expensive damage to the rest of your home. For more information, contact a company such as Brisbane Roof Restorations.


13 January 2015