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Hello, my name is Iggy and I live in Perth, Australia. Last month, I was out in my garden enjoying the sunshine when I noticed that there was something strange on my roof. I climbed up onto the roof of my home and discovered some damage. While I was up on the roof, I took a long look down at my garden. Seeing it from such a strange angle made me realise how overgrown it looked. The next day I called in some contractors to fix the problems. While they worked, they taught me plenty of cool tips and tricks.

Great Ideas For Renovating Your Dream Home

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Looking to make life easier for you and the family? Or, are you thinking selling and know that a quick makeover would ultimately raise your house's value while possibly making it more attractive to potential buyers?

Either way, by incorporating any of the ideas below into your decision making, rest assured that by the end you will have an increased market evaluation of your property as well as a dramatic increase to your overall quality of life. 

Added Carports

Public transport can only test your patience for so long, which is why most people need cars to go about their everyday lives. For those living in busy neighbourhoods, parking can be a pain if your street is constantly lined with cars that never move while you are still at home. You know that parking on the lawn is not a solution because it will only kill your grass from lack of sunlight thanks to your Honda Civic sitting over the top of it.

Provided you have the space to do so, one extra carport will not only make the daily task of parking the car easier, but also make your property go up in value. Two garages are better than one, which means they also cost more for a prospective buyer to pay you for than a single carport. It could provide more storage as well. 


Adding a patio floored with hardwood decking is a great way to increase the value of your home, as it provides a way to better entertain your guests outside when the weather calls for it. They are also good for those living in a location bearing nice foliage outback that does wonders to make for a better view to enjoy.

Think about the contribution a relaxing hardwood spa would bring to the value once it comes time to put it on the market. 

There are several patio and deck designs to cater for every home owner's individual needs. One good choice is a multi-level deck design which lets you divide the deck space into separate sections dedicated to special activities like dining, cooking or even that spa. It is also worth looking at fitting in a handrail too, as these must be installed on Australian decks made to stand over 1m high. 

In a nutshell, outdoor living spaces like patios have become increasingly popular since they are great to have by those who are enthusiastic about entertaining guests outdoors.


18 November 2014