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Design Elements That Differentiate One Fiberglass Pool from Another

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Much as fiberglass pools leave the manufacturing plant ready to be installed, not all of them are the same. This article discusses design elements of these pools that make one pool markedly different from another.

Step And Bench Area

Fiberglass pools come equipped with steps and a sitting area. Before you buy this kind of pool, check whether it provides enough space for all family members to be seated. The space taken by steps also varies from one fiberglass pool to another, so get that particular one where steps take up the least amount of space, unless steps are an important consideration for you.

Pool Depth

Fiberglass pools differ in terms of their depth. There are pools that are primarily meant to be play pools. Play pools are generally more shallow and have a gradual slope to the deep end. This shallow depth is meant to allow people playing games like chicken to stand in the water without risking drowning.

Diving pools on the other hand are much deeper than play pools. Diving fiberglass pools have a clearly marked shallow end followed by a very steep slope into the deep end. This design allows a diving board to be used since there will be no risk of hitting the bottom of the pool.

As you pick a fiberglass pool, decide which kind you prefer and get one whose depth matches your needs.

Pool Length

Fiberglass pools also vary in terms of length. If you have an interest in doing aquatic exercises, you should pick the longest pool available since that is the one where a suitable lap lane will be available.

That pool you want to buy for exercise should also have minimal space taken up by steps so that the lap lane is unimpeded. You should remember to pick a pool that will fit in the space you have on your property.

Pool Cover Compatibility

In theory, all rectangular fiberglass pools are compatible with automatic covers. In reality however, design variations alter how compatible a particular pool is. A design variation like rounded corners makes a fiberglass pool less compatible with pool covers, so if you would like a pool that can easily be covered, select one whose corners are not so round.

At the end of the day, there is no best or worst fiberglass pool. Each customer has their own interests when they go to buy a pool. Those personal interests should help them in deciding on a particular pool that has design attributes that meet their exact requirements.

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13 November 2014