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Hello, my name is Iggy and I live in Perth, Australia. Last month, I was out in my garden enjoying the sunshine when I noticed that there was something strange on my roof. I climbed up onto the roof of my home and discovered some damage. While I was up on the roof, I took a long look down at my garden. Seeing it from such a strange angle made me realise how overgrown it looked. The next day I called in some contractors to fix the problems. While they worked, they taught me plenty of cool tips and tricks.

3 Easy Ways to Make the Most Out of a Flower Delivery

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When you get a flower delivery from someone like Janine Florist, the first thing you will do is smell the flowers and then display them in a vase. However, it is possible to get more out of your flowers without putting in too much effort. Below are three easy ways to get the most out of your flowers.

Make the Flowers Glow

Swap a light bulb in your room with a black light bulb. Add tonic water to the flower vase instead of tap or distilled water and allow the flowers to soak up the water overnight. The next night, turn on only the black light, and look at the flowers. They will be glowing. The tonic water causes them to glow brightly and they will continue to glow, every time you turn on the black light.

Make a Flower Mural

Take some of the flowers and lay them flat on a piece of wax paper. Take another piece of wax paper and set it on top of the flowers. Open a large book, place the papers and flowers inside of the book, and close it. Place other books on top of that book to press the flowers. Leave them in the book for 24 hours.

Open the book and remove the flowers. Spray a canvas with spray adhesive, arrange the flowers on the canvas, and spray another layer of adhesive on the flowers. Allow the adhesive to dry for an hour and then spray the entire canvas with polyurethane gel to protect the flowers and keep them looking great for as long as possible.

Make Potpourri

Once the flowers start to die, take them out of the water, and tie the stems of the flowers together with twine. Hang them upside down in a dark, dry area of the house. A storage pantry is often ideal for drying flowers. Wait a few week and the flowers should be fully dry.

Break the petals and bulbs from the stems with your hands and place them in a bowl. Add a few drops of rose oil to the bowl and mix them together. The potpourri will smell great and the flowers will have a beautiful look.

These three simple tips allow you to enjoy your flowers as much as possible. Receiving flowers is a treat that doesn't happen very often, so taking full advantage of them when you receive them is important.


6 November 2014